Hello grade seven Ambers! Guess who? I will never tell my identity so your clue is: My username is Crazy_entitled! Already guessed it? NO? hahaha!

Anyways, enjoy this page I made for fun! This is for stress reliever! BYEEEEEEEEE!

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This is about ourĀ purrfect family. Nah, not really. This is about our rowdy type of class. hahahaha! Besides, I know that nobody will read or find this blog anyways. Oh yeah, I am part of Amber if any of you are wondering. I am not in Pearl or Emerald. Why do you think i made this blog about ambers anyways? For fun? Well… yeah… BUt-BUT it is also for our days with our teacher or papa Jake!

Thanks for viewing!

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.