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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Seasons: 2 + ova

sypnosis: When a mysterious creature chops the moon down to a permanent crescent, the students of class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School find themselves confronted with an enormous task: assassinate the creature responsible for the disaster before Earth suffers a similar fate. However, the monster, dubbed Koro-sensei (the indestructible teacher), is able to fly at speeds of up to Mach 20, which he demonstrates freely, leaving any attempt to subdue him in his extraterrestrial dust. Furthermore, the misfits of 3-E soon find that the strange, tentacled beast is more than just indomitable—he is the best teacher they have ever had!

Adapted from the humorous hit manga by Yuusei Matsui, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu tells the story of these junior high pupils as they polish their assassination skills and grow in order to stand strong against the oppressive school system, their own life problems, and one day, Koro-sensei.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: I’ll say this – for all people who likes action and mystery, this one is for you. Honestly, it’s funny to see the Kuro-sensei and karma scene. You know, the one which Karma does bad things to Kuro-sensei? Yep, I’ll stop now.



Gakuen Alice

Season: 1

sypnosis: Mikan Sakura is a normal 10-year-old girl. Optimistic, energetic, and overall a very sweet child, Mikan is the complete opposite of the aloof, intelligent, and somewhat cold-hearted, Hotaru Imai. Despite their glaring differences, the two girls have been best friends for a very long time. So when Hotaru suddenly transfers to Alice Academy, a prestigious school in the city, her best friend is devastated—especially when she hears of the horrible rumors regarding the academy’s harsh treatment of students. Beset with worry, Mikan runs away to see her best friend!

Upon her arrival, Mikan learns of “Alices,” individuals gifted with various supernatural abilities, and that the school is an institution built by the government to train and protect them. Discovering that she has her own unique powers, Mikan enrolls in the academy, and, after a lot of trouble, finally reunites with Hotaru.

Gakuen Alice is a heartwarming comedy that follows Mikan and her friends’ adventures in the academy, as well as their attempt to uncover the mysteries surrounding the problematic, fire-wielding student Natsume Hyuuga.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: Looking for a light-hearted show? Yep, Gakuen Alice is an anime that can take all of your problems away! Well, not all but meh. Just enjoy Mikan and her adventures with her friends!






Season: 1

Sypnosis: Ryuuji Takasu is a gentle high school student with a love for housework; but in contrast to his kind nature, he has an intimidating face that often gets him labeled as a delinquent. On the other hand is Taiga Aisaka, a small, doll-like student, who is anything but a cute and fragile girl. Equipped with a wooden katana and feisty personality, Taiga is known throughout the school as the “Palmtop Tiger.”

One day, an embarrassing mistake causes the two students to cross paths. Ryuuji discovers that Taiga actually has a sweet side: she has a crush on the popular vice president, Yuusaku Kitamura, who happens to be his best friend. But things only get crazier when Ryuuji reveals that he has a crush on Minori Kushieda—Taiga’s best friend!

Toradora! is a romantic comedy that follows this odd duo as they embark on a quest to help each other with their respective crushes, forming an unlikely alliance in the process.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: This show is pretty funny and you’ll see the irony in the end. For who will Taiga like better than…( >-<)// No teasers for you guys! But you’ll like it either way!

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥




Nanatsu no Taizai

Image result for nanatsu no taizai anime
Season: 1 and maybe 2 >_^

Sypnosis: In a world similar to the European Middle Ages, the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia use immensely powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its kingdoms. However, a small subset of the Knights supposedly betrayed their homeland and turned their blades against their comrades in an attempt to overthrow the ruler of Liones. They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but rumors continued to persist that these legendary knights, called the “Seven Deadly Sins,” were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights themselves staged a coup d’état, and thus became the new, tyrannical rulers of the Kingdom of Liones.

Based on the best-selling manga series of the same name, Nanatsu no Taizai follows the adventures of Elizabeth, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, and her search for the Seven Deadly Sins. With their help, she endeavors to not only take back her kingdom from the Holy Knights, but to also seek justice in an unjust world.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: Graphics, check! Story, check! Characters, check! This anime will make you want to rewatch it all over again! With the story of Meliodas and other characters, this anime is well made! Oh and did you hear? Seems like a season 2 is announced.

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥




Tokyo Ghoul

Seasons: 2 and ovas 

Sypnosis: Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.

Based on the best-selling supernatural horror manga by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki, a shy, bookish college student, who is instantly drawn to Rize Kamishiro, an avid reader like himself. However, Rize is not exactly who she seems, and this unfortunate meeting pushes Kaneki into the dark depths of the ghouls’ inhuman world. In a twist of fate, Kaneki is saved by the enigmatic waitress Touka Kirishima, and thus begins his new, secret life as a half-ghoul/half-human who must find a way to integrate into both societies.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: Kyaaaaaah! Toka! My oh so wonderful – ehem, this anime is really good. For sadists that is. The action scene and the kagunes! My Toka, I’m coming there soon! So please don’t kill me!

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥♥



Soul Eater

Seasons: 2

Sypnosis: Death City is home to the famous Shibusen, a technical academy headed by the Shinigami–Lord Death himself. Its mission: to raise “Death Scythes” for the Shinigami to wield against the many evils of their fantastical world. These Death Scythes, however, are not made from physical weapons; rather, they are born from human hybrids who have the ability to transform their bodies into Demon Weapons, and only after they have consumed the souls of 99 evil beings and one witch’s soul.

Soul Eater Evans, a Demon Scythe who only seems to care about what’s cool, aims to become a Death Scythe with the help of his straight-laced wielder, or meister, Maka Albarn. The contrasting duo work and study alongside the hot headed Black☆Star and his caring weapon Tsubaki, as well as the Shinigami’s own son, Death the Kid, an obsessive-compulsive dual wielder of twin pistols Patty and Liz.

Soul Eater follows these students of Shibusen as they take on missions to collect souls and protect the city from the world’s threats while working together under the snickering sun to become sounder in mind, body, and soul.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: Maka, Maka, Maka… She needs Soul in her life! For reals! And you think this anime is just about action? Well, you’re clearly wrong about that. This anime shows us friendship and also trust of partners! Too bad that there are no relationships here!

Hearts: ♥♥♥



Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Season: 1 Movie:1

Sypnosis: Jinta Yadomi is peacefully living as a recluse, spending his days away from school and playing video games at home instead. One hot summer day, his childhood friend, Meiko “Menma” Honma, appears and pesters him to grant a forgotten wish. He pays her no mind, which annoys her, but he doesn’t really care. After all, Menma already died years ago.

At first, Jinta thinks that he is merely hallucinating due to the summer heat, but he is later on convinced that what he sees truly is the ghost of Menma. Jinta and his group of childhood friends grew apart after her untimely death, but they are drawn together once more as they try to lay Menma’s spirit to rest. Re-living their pain and guilt, will they be able to find the strength to help not only Menma move on—but themselves as well?

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: This anime will really bring you to tears! It shows the story of a group of best friends and what they’ll do to each other. I mean, why does Menma have to die? Why? It really is a sad anime, I’m not kidding!

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥



Fairy Tail

Seasons: 7 + ova

Sypnosis: A superficial but kind-hearted celestial mage, Lucy Heartfilia, joins a famous wizarding guild in Magnolia Town called Fairy Tail, where the members use their powers to earn rewards in exchange for fulfilling quests. Here she befriends an impetuous but faithful dragon-slayer wizard, Natsu Dragneel, who is scouring the land for his missing father. The two form a bond with fellow mages Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster, and together they tackle daunting challenges, taking on several powerful allies and foes along the way.

Created by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail is an action-packed adventure that follows Lucy and her friends as they learn the value of friendship, forgiveness and family.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: I really enjoyed watching this anime when i was a kid. Ah, good memories where all animes are really fun! But, welp, who said that we can’t find new ones, ayt?

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥



Shingeki No Kyojin

Season: 2

Sypnosis: Centuries ago, mankind was slaughtered to near extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called titans, forcing humans to hide in fear behind enormous concentric walls. What makes these giants truly terrifying is that their taste for human flesh is not born out of hunger but what appears to be out of pleasure. To ensure their survival, the remnants of humanity began living within defensive barriers, resulting in one hundred years without a single titan encounter. However, that fragile calm is soon shattered when a colossal titan manages to breach the supposedly impregnable outer wall, reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations.

After witnessing a horrific personal loss at the hands of the invading creatures, Eren Yeager dedicates his life to their eradication by enlisting into the Survey Corps, an elite military unit that combats the merciless humanoids outside the protection of the walls. Based on Hajime Isayama’s award-winning manga, Shingeki no Kyojin follows Eren, along with his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and his childhood friend Armin Arlert, as they join the brutal war against the titans and race to discover a way of defeating them before the last walls are breached.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: Eren here, Levi there. Honestly, that’s all I hear! But this anime is really nice! The characters here are unique and the plot is evenly good. So why not put it into recommendation 2? Ayt? Hello? huh, why can i see pitchforks all of a sudden?!

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥♥




Seasons: 2 and many ovas and such

Sypnosis: Young Ciel Phantomhive is known as “the Queen’s Guard Dog,” taking care of the many unsettling events that occur in Victorian England for Her Majesty. Aided by Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler with seemingly inhuman abilities, Ciel uses whatever means necessary to get the job done. But is there more to this black-clad butler than meets the eye?

In Ciel’s past lies a secret tragedy that enveloped him in perennial darkness—during one of his bleakest moments, he formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon, bargaining his soul in exchange for vengeance upon those who wronged him. Today, not only is Sebastian one hell of a butler, but he is also the perfect servant to carry out his master’s orders—all the while anticipating the delicious meal he will eventually make of Ciel’s soul. As the two work to unravel the mystery behind Ciel’s chain of misfortunes, a bond forms between them that neither heaven nor hell can tear apart.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Opinion: You know, aside from Shingeki no Kyojin I also hear this anime around the class. But seriously, Ciel my baby! E-eh?! Ouch! Why are you throwing rocks?! Ow!

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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Tulips actually meant perfect love from what i have read.


Zinnias meant endurance. It also means simplicity.


Each color offers a distinct meaning: red, the lover’s rose, signifies enduring passion; white, humility and innocence; yellow, expressing friendship and joy; pink, gratitude, appreciation and admiration; orange, enthusiasm and desire; white lilac and purple roses represent enchantment and love at first sight.


Lilac symbolizes purity and innocence.


Hibiscus means delicate beauty, unity and peace.


SOURCE: roses on whitedefine-zinnia-1